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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a system for the digital exchange of information between two parties. That is, using EDI allows you to send and receive, via the digital highway, the information you need.

Depending on the number of shipments and frequency, Mol Cargo can offer you multiple EDI solutions. EDI ensures secure transfer of information and saves time for both you and us.



Our E-Shipment system is an example of EDI. In this case, a web-based solution, allowing you to get started immediately and anywhere for free and without installation.

With E-Shipment, shipments are submitted digitally to our software package. Because of the direct link with our IT system, the orders can be processed automatically. By using E-Shipment, the shipment process becomes more efficient, manageable and controllable.


More information about EDI

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of EDI and how it can save you time? Please contact your regular contact person at Mol Cargo. He or she can tell you more about this and will put you in contact with our ICT department.