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Innovative in motorcycle & scooter transport

Since starting to transport motorcycles and scooters in 1987, this transport segment has become Mol Cargo’s specialty. From the very beginning, we have been committed to innovations in order to maximize the efficiency of transport.

Our efforts ultimately resulted in the design of an innovative transport system, which eliminates the need to transport motorcycles and scooters packaged. This system saves space and costs, allowing more motorcycles and scooters to be transported in our double-deck trailers. The vehicles are secured via wheel clamps, allowing us to transport 36 motorcycles or 80 scooters per transport.

Due to our progressive attitude in motorcycle & scooter transport, we have been trusted by various importers and manufacturers to provide transport of their scooters and motorcycles. This results in the transport of an average of 100,000 units per year throughout Europe.


Motorcycle & scooter storage

In addition to transportation, we also provide storage for motorcycles and scooters. Through a specially designed storage system, we can safely and efficiently store the units in our warehouses..