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Real-time status information

Our entire fleet is equipped with a satellite communication system. This advanced system takes “track & trace” to a very high level.

As a result, we have real-time access to, among other things:

  • The location of the truck and trailer;
  • the route traveled;
  • the status of the cargo;
  • the expected time of arrival.

The status of your shipment is always clear, which improves communication between you and your customers.

Mol cargo vrachtwagen met bergen op achtergrond

Transportation performance optimization

With the communication system and live connection to the vehicles, planners at Mol Cargo have all the information they need to anticipate any situation.

trafficjam reports, predefined routes, changes, instructions, schedules, hours still to be driven by the driver, everything is communicated via the on-board computer. This minimizes expensive and annoying misunderstandings.

In addition, the system also forms the basis for detailed KPIs. This enables us to continuously optimize our services.