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About Mol Cargo


Mol Cargo sets itself apart by paying constant attention to:

Because of the aforementioned concerns, Mol Cargo has developed a corporate vision that puts the client’s interests first.

This customer focus manifests itself through:

  • Providing prompt and error-free deliveries;
  • Thinking along with the client about how the transportation will best show up;
  • striving to get the load unit utilization rate as high as possible (for example, we can transport motorcycles and scooters without packaging which allows us to achieve a better utilization rate resulting in lower costs);
  • a fixed point of contact for the client, which means that appointments are made quickly and clearly.

In short, maximum efficiency without losing sight of the customer’s interests.

About mol cargo

Sustainable business

Besides paying attention to the customer, Mol Cargo is also consciously active in the field of sustainable business. The importance of the environment has our attention and therefore we try to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, we make frequent use of double-deck trailers, which allows us to transport as efficiently as possible and thus reduce our mileage.