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About mol cargo


In the year 1934, the establishment of Mol Cargo in Buren (then called Mol B.V.) was a fact. Crijn Mol Sr. started his transport company, focusing on the transportation of sand and gravel.

After 35 years at the helm of a successful company, the baton was handed over to son Piet Mol in 1969. Under his reign, growth continued and transport activities were further expanded. For example, the transport of newspapers and magazines was started and the adventure of international transport began. Starting with the Benelux countries and Germany, the company expanded to England, France and Italy.

Because of Piet Mol's love of motorcycles, a new branch of transport was started in 1987, namely motorcycle transport. Meanwhile, this branch has grown into a specialty of Mol Cargo, of which we are very proud.


In 1992 the time had come for yet another change of power. The company was taken over by sons Crijn and Pieter Mol, making Mol Cargo officially in the hands of already the 3rd generation of the family.

What once began as a small logistics company has grown over three generations into a medium-sized international transportation company with transport, warehousing and distribution as core activities. Due to this growth, it became necessary in 2005 to move from the location in Buren to our current location in Tiel. With this new location, Mol Cargo has sufficient capacity to continue to grow in the future and provide its clients with the best possible service.